Birchbox Pop-up

How do you translate an e-commerce beauty retail experience into a physical store? Bringing to life the unique Birchbox approach to beauty, the ‘With Love’ pop-up store offers discovery, personalisation and sharing. The store showcases a fun and intuitive way to shop, featuring a physical interpretation of the brand’s signature Build Your Own Birchbox (BYOB). Interactive installations invite visitors to hang a love note on the birch tree, or share the love on social via a GIF photo booth, closing the gap between their online and offline channels. The pop-up generated 36 pieces of coverage with a combined circulation of 244 million in the first two days of launch, and extended it’s lease after 3 months of trading. Savannah Sachs, Managing Director of Birchbox UK said “In the month of launch, saw a 136% increase in revenue from direct organic traffic. We feel this was due to the brand awareness and exposure the pop-up gave us.”