Home Poems

  • Robyn Sian Cusworth
  • Chloe Ting
  • Naresh Ramchandani
  • Ailbhe Larkin
  • Katee Hui
Recently, we’ve been busy collaborating on Home Poems: a series of ten very short films featuring ten very short poems penned by Henry Ponder, a minor British poet who majors in finding interest in the everyday. ⁣⁣

We really love them because they zoom in on the mediative, beautiful and funny moments that happen around us, indoors - encouraging us all to appreciate what we have. The series was shot in the home of director Steven Qua - with Oscar-winning guest director Kevin Macdonald lending a hand by shooting 'Stairs' in his home. ⁣⁣
The music was created by Yuri Suzuki and JeanGa Becker in their homes.
The sound was mixed by Iain Grant in his home.
And the poems were kindly voiced by the poet Henry Ponder in his home.⁣⁣

“Director Steven Qua shot nine of the films in various rooms around his home. Then director Kevin Macdonald shot the tenth film on the staircase of his home. Then musicians Yuri Suzuki and JeanGa Becker created the music in their homes. Then Harry Pearce and Tom Walker created the titles out of old Swiss spelling tiles in their homes. Then sound designer Iain Grant recorded many sounds in his home. And finally, the poems were kindly voiced by Henry Ponder himself in his home.”
-  Naresh Ramchandani for Creative Review

Director: Steven Qua
Production assistant: Olive Qua
Titles: Harry Pearce, Tom Walker
Music: Jean-Gabriel Becker
Sound design: Iain Grant
Producers: Do The Green Thing Team: Ailbhe Larkin, Robyn Cusworth, Katee Hui, Ashley Johnson, Chloe Ting, Naresh Ramchandani
Poet and voiceover: Henry Ponder