Honda Inside:Track

Goodwood Festival of Speed is the UK’s unofficial motor show, with over 200,000 enthusiasts visiting this year alone. In a showcase with other car and motorcycle brands, Honda was well placed to stand out. As a brand that not only excels in motorsport and racing but embraces, nurtures and breathes innovation; this year they sought to share that passion and allow the audience to get under the skin of motorsport and learn more about the brand, its products and rich racing history. My role as Lead Designer was to explore the creation of a suite of assets that could translate across the language of motorsport. These world’s were not definitive, but rather components that would construct a vocabulary, helping to further hero the concepts of speed, movement, passion and engineering. The initial sketches combined those expressions with the innovation and playfulness that is in the DNA of Honda. The aim being to do this through materials, scale, and application. This was exemplified and illustrated through cultural activity, discovery, connection, movement and surprise.