How Self Promoting ain't a Dirty Word - Global Tech Festival

  • Denise Chippindale
  • Jess Gosling

This is session is one of our favorites and is a part of our free, 24-hour festival.

Self-promotion is something most people struggle with, no matter your background or experience. The truth is accomplishments don't speak for themselves and you need to advocate for yourself, in all situations!

This session, led by Jess Gosling, focuses on why self-promotion matters and the narratives around the impact it can have. It will then look at the context of unconscious bias and imposter syndrome within personal and professional contexts. Lastly, the workshop will look specifically at HOW to self-promote and well.

  • What is self-promotion
  • Why does it matter (unconscious bias/imposter syndrome)
  • How to self-promote & advocate for yourself
Open to all who want to get their name out but don't know how.