How you doing? A guide to looking after yourself, when working for yourself.

  • Abigail Baldwin
  • Matthew Knight

Our first publication - aimed at the self-employed and freelance workers, who want support in taking care of their mental health.

Rooted in insights from our community and research conducted earlier this year, a living guide packed full of tangible activities and guides to keep yourself happy and healthy. Download the publication here.
The UK has woken up to the importance of workplace wellbeing. Employers are doing more than ever to support their employees - yet over 15% of the UK workforce does not have an employer. That’s over 5 million people, who have to support themselves.
If you’re self-employed, you’ve taken on responsibility for not only doing the work, but also the accounts, the invoicing, the marketing, the sales, the admin, making the tea and buying the biscuits - and it’s often easy to forget to add your own wellbeing to the to-do list.
45% of freelancers say they hadn’t considered their mental health before taking the leap into self-employment, and over 60% say that poor mental health has had a negative impact on their ability to work.
We must take responsibility for our own emotional wellbeing, design how to work happy and healthy. Whilst there are lots of things outside of our control - there are many things which we can do to make sure we’re working safely.
This guide offers some tangible ways to look after your mental health when you’re self-employed, rooted in insights gathered from the Leapers community and our research with over 500 freelancers globally.

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