HTC - One Skatepark at Selfridges

  • Shaun Ponton
  • Patricia Pombo
  • Celine Da Silva
To run alongside the Selfridges Board Games campaign we built a custom pop-up skate park within the Selfridges Hotel event space. The park was launched with a private party and open free to the public to skate for 1 month.

I was the lead art director / design for the entire project. Working with both Selfridges and HTC to create logos and branding that fitted into both brand directives. This was then placed throughout the park, into the main Selfridges store. Various online marketing assets as well, were being used on product and clothing. I also managed a team of art directors and an installation company to bring the park to life. This included bespoke sticker wraps, door and window graphics and throughout the park we featured unique wall and floor effects to give each section is distinctive look.