You’re a start-up, your product is brand spanking new and nobody outside your WhatsApp ‘BFF group’ has heard of the new product you’ve secretly been building. Luckily your product is damn good so you need a brand, positioning, logo, strapline and graphical language to bring it to life.


ibLE didn’t have a name when the team came to us. We started with a naming process which is like a rollercoaster; there are both highs and lows… We settled on ibLE; as in flex-ible, access-ible, irresist-ible. Proposition, tone of voice, logo and graphical language all followed quickly with some beautifully punchy work.


We ‘get’ brand, but so do loads of agencies. So what makes our process different to others? We’re prepared to take risks. ibLE creates order from chaos, so we knew it needed two states; an order and a chaos. In the primary version of the logo it’s moving from one state to the next. Unfortunately people seem to think logos should be static… We say bollocks.

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Take Fucking Risks
Design Director