Icons of Denmark | Video Work

  • Jack Andrew Lenton
  • Alex Wallace
  • Hannah Daly

File Under Design Content Creation Ideation Interviewing Video Editing

Furniture brand Icons of Denmark were looking to tell the story of their shift from a curator of other companies' products to designing and producing their own. With this in mind, we created a series of short films that honed in on their new product launches - a table range and two sofas series.
Working with the management team and the videographer, we created a concept based around the upcoming photoshoot in London. This event captured some of the intensity of the group - both in London and in the workshops in Denmark. Once we had the shots, we then flew to Denmark and interviewed the design teams. This was the first time the team had been in front of a camera, so we ensured they were prepared with the questions in advance. We kept the camera rolling while we spoke about things they found passionate. Following the photoshoot, the company went through a rebrand, so I edited the footage to align it with the new identity.