INDIVISA: Your women's football channel

  • Lily Ludford
  • Morgan Brennan

Launching a new women’s football platform by Footballco

Launched in 2022 as one of Footballco’s latest channels, Indivisa is the new women’s football brand designed to create an exciting community for fans of the game.

In partnership with the in-house creative team, we identified a strong visual aesthetic to help establish the awareness of women’s football, in an empowering, passionate way. Built on the idea that Indivisa is a community-first editorial platform, we created a brand that provides a timeless yet forward-thinking approach to female-focused content.

A minimal and bold typographic style alongside personal touches and flourishes really brings the whole INDIVISA world together. A light-hearted, approachable identity encourages the audience to engage and participate in the women’s football scene.