Insula Magazine

  • Carole Mcphillips
  • Aara Syed
  • Francesca Tesler
  • Elena Koprtla
  • Sam Morgan
  • Jasmine Waters
  • Sean Taylor
  • JC Verona
  • The Meantimer
  • Giulia Vigna
  • Tita Marr

When Covid-19 hit the UK and we went into lockdown, like many people, I was furloughed from my job. I decided I wanted to create a platform for myself and other creatives to stay motivated, provide some sort of escapism, as well as, give back to all those key workers who are risking their lives for us. Insula Magazine features work from film makers, illustrators, writers, fashion stylists. musicians and more. The project has been successful so far with the magazine reaching the fundraising target just two days after the launch date.