International Day of Charity: discover these 6 incredible projects...

  • Pip Jamieson
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This International Day of Charity, we're sharing the love:

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5 charitable projects we heart:

September the 5th marks the International Day of Charity 2018, a day where charities from all over the globe unite to raise awareness and we thought today apt to share a selection of heartwarming projects from our community. Scroll below for a handful of inspiration from The Dots community...

From Tanzania, With Love - Zetteler

Standing Voice, funded by filmmaker Harry Freeland, is an international NGO that provides medical and educational support to people with albinism, as well as combatting the stigma that those with the condition face. Standing Voice put this in place with workshop projects focusing on building confidence and skills for people with albinism and for the wider community, in order to prevent the misunderstanding of the condition.
"As part of its wellbeing programme, the charity runs Summer Skills workshops, inviting creatives to its HQ on Ukerewe Island to share the joy of making through hands-on art and design classes. This year artist Camille Walala and her collaborator Julia Jomaa, printmaker Alex Booker, designer-maker Simon Sawyer and four-strong Zetteler squad travelled to Tanzania to run and assist the Summer Skills workshops, as well as revamp the centre".
The staff at Zetteler (creative publicity) shared their experiences of the trip which you can read via their company page.

Come out for LGBT - Mr President & Stonewall

"When the campaigning and lobbying charity, Stonewall, approached us to create an awareness-raising brand campaign, its first in ten years, and extend its influence beyond the LGBT community, we targeted the ‘silent majority’ – allies of LGBT rights.We asked ourselves: how do we get allies to stand up to hate and inequality?
Our bold answer is a stand-up-and-be-counted slogan and campaign that rallies allies and encourages them to become active and visible supporters."
Head to the award winning creative agency Mr President's company page to discover their project for Stonewall in full.

Various Desgns - Secret 7"

Secret 7” takes 7 tracks from 7 of the best-known musicians around and presses each one 100 times to 7” vinyl. Then, the team invite creatives from around the world to interpret the music in their own way, for every individual 7" record. This results in 700 unique sleeves that is exhibited to the public before going on sale (on a first come first served basis).
Each record is £50 each, but the buyer does not know who created the sleeve or what song it is for, until it has been bought. Since 2012, the project has produced over 3,500 records, none of which are the same, for 35 different songs. This has resulted in no records left over and more than £175,000 for causes such as MIND and Amnesty.
Browse the no longer so secret identities of those behind the sleeves, click here to some of the creatives involved in the project.
Image: Marija Marc's submission

Secret Auctions - Art on a Postcard

Another charity that interweaves charity and mystery is Art on a Postcard. Raising money for The Hepatitis C Trust via secret postcard auctions, sales of prints and postcard boxsets, the charity aims to;
- Raise public awareness that this is a virus that can be contracted in many ways
- End discrimination against people living with hepatitis C
- Create an active community of patients willing to stand up and be heard
- Provide information, support and representation for people with hepatitis C
In 2017, the organisation ntroduced Photography on a Postcard and Art on a Ukulele. Artists who have taken part include Sir Peter Blake, Damien Hirst, Harland Miller, Gavin Turk, Rachel Howard, Gilbert and George, Grayson Perry RA, Norman Ackroyd RA, Allen Jones RA, Mick Rooney RA, Polly Morgan, John Wragg RA, Stephen Chambers RA, Michael Craig-Martin, Chantal Joffe RA, Cecily Brown, Martin Yeoman, Grayson Perry, Julian Opie and Jeremy Deller. 

Block Party for Amnesty - Protein Agency

Protein Block Party is an annual celebration of our local community that brings together the best food, music, drink and creative shenanigans in Shoreditch with all profits going to Amnesty International, our next-door neighbours. The street party spills out from Protein HQ, with New Inn Yard hosting a raft of local makers and shakers including Dj’s, street food, cocktails, zine-making workshops, ping pong, screen printing, disco yoga and totem poles.
Protein Block Party is an annual celebration of our local community where the Protein team bring together the best food, music, drink and fun London has to offer. The street party surrounds Protein HQ and New Inn Yard becomes a buzzing hotebed of local creatives, makers, musicans, artists and more. All profits from the Shoreditch jamboree go to Protein's neighbour's Amnesty International.

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