Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council

  • Sabine Zetteler
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Based in Sharjah in the UAE, Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council is a socially and culturally pioneering organisation established to empower women through craft. An offshoot of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment, the UAE’s initiative dedicated to the societal and economic elevation of women, Irthi seeks to build a strong and significant artisan economy through the medium of traditional and modern craft practice. With programmes spanning the Middle East, North Africa and South East and Central Asia, Irthi seeks to preserve and promote indigenous craft heritage, engage young generations, and foster new, international market opportunities. The council’s activities range from delivering social development programmes and vocational training courses to marketing its own artisan-made product range, and include pioneering initiatives such as the Azyame sustainable fashion entrepreneurship programme in collaboration with the London College of Fashion. WHAT WE DO FOR IRTHI CONTEMPORARY CRAFTS COUNCIL Women’s empowerment and cultural preservation? Can we sign up twice? With such a clear crossover in our social values and interests, we were beyond delighted when Irthi asked Zetteler to support its ambition to reach new audiences and secure new opportunities in the UK and Europe.

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