Jonas Bendiksen: Curiosity in Practice, Magnum Photos

  • Michael Sargeant
  • Chiara Sozzi
  • Joppe Rog
  • Verity Roberts
  • Bruno Bayley
  • Jade Chao
  • Vanesa Patrignani
  • Anna Zavialova

Across 18 in-depth lessons, award-winning photographer Jonas Bendiksen imparts the vital lessons learned over a 20+ year career Delving into a wide range of subjects, Bendiksen explores the inspiration found in a restless attitude to making photographs—as well as the nitty-gritty details of the craft, and shares valuable insights and advice on generating ideas, storytelling techniques, and developing long-term documentary projects. Spanning more than six and a half hours of material, the photographer unpacks his experiences making his critically acclaimed long-form personal projects, and invites students behind the curtain of his practice, sharing demonstrations on editing workflows and proposal writing, as well as providing a host of practical advice on everything from working in the field to the steps involved in creating a photobook. Crew Credits Talent: Jonas Bendiksen Director: Joppe Rog Production Co: All Good Studios Magnum Photos curriculum development/in-house production: Verity Roberts & myself Editor: Anna Zavialova DOP: Łukasz Zamaro 1st AC: Kim-Andre Aspen Sound: Gry Haugholt PA/Driver: Ben Kristiansen Translations: Melisa Palferro - Translation for Museums and the Cultural Sector Subtitling: Edward Lecorgne, Phill Lecorgne Workbook Design: Tom Hornby Learn more about the course on