• Joseff Murphy
  • Tommaso Genovesi

Klabu means club in Swahili. Klabu is a foundation that is building sports clubs in refugee camps and settlements around the world, raising funds by selling unique sportswear, with 100% of all shirt sales going towards building more clubhouses. They have just built the first clubhouse in the Kalobeyei Settlement, northern Kenya. As an art director, I was able to create a stylized visual language for Klabu that would thread throughout all parts of the brand. From online, to print to digital interaction. Brand launch - Spring 2019. Roles: - Campaign art direction - Product photography - Book design - Instagram grid and assets design - Website art direction - Spatial design


Press -
It's Nice That - Highsnobiety - Vogue
Lilian from Ethiopia
Klabu presents Kalobeyei Spirit - Book design
A 30 page book telling the story of Klabu foundation and insights from the people in the Kalobeyei Settlement, northern Kenya.
Klabu presents Kalobeyei Spirit - Book
Tape alphabet - a customized typeface.
Many of the people in Kalobeyei wrap tape around their feet and socks to play football when there is no access to football boots.
Instagram post design
A playful manipulation of high and low resolution images.
Instagram grid design
A curated account, full of energy and colour that would act as a stylized storytelling base for the launch of the campaign.
I created over 100 social assets for Instagram and Instagram stories.
Klabu brand film - (50seconds.)
Directed by Richard Hu
Customized titles for the Klabu brand film.
Still using the Futura font from the Klabu logo, but giving it a slight quirkiness and excitement that complimented the energy of the people and the footage from Kalobeyei.
Product photography - Hero gif
Product photography of the Klabu Home and Away shirts.
Klabu shirt design by Kelvin Govey
WeTransfer x KLABU - Art direction
Before the launch, I got the chance to work closely with the creative team at WeTransfer who wanted to bring my book to life in an interactive landing page. This was the first time they had experimented with an interactive page of this kind.
It was shared to 5million screens worldwide and boosted the Klabu sales enormously in the opening month.

Hani & Hibo from Somalia.
Campaign photography by Coco Olakunle
Each element throughout the campaign was done by hand, scanning and manipulating each image individually.
Deng from South Sudan
The Klabu store - Zeedijk 59A, Amsterdam
I got the opportunity to design, curate, paint and build the first Klabu store in the heart of the red-light district, Amsterdam.
Here is the spraypainted wall and hand-cut Klabu logo behind the desk.