Lacoste L.12.12 Christmas

  • Simon Helm
  • Veronika Safrankova
  • Catherine Losing
The Brief
Lacoste fragrances wanted a quirky yet stylish festive campaign to bring their products front of mind during the busy gifting periodleading up to Christmas. Their previous campaign of 2015 was set in the Alps and they wanted to retain this as an ongoing theme. The idea need to work across print, TV and a digital game on social media.

The Solution
I was inspired by the tactile, hand-made aesthetic of paper artist Hattie Stewart and how her work could bring to life the snowy mountains of the Alps and translate easily into a cute online game and an adorable TVC.
Working with Hattie and Photographer/Director Catherine Losing, we created a 3D paper sculpted environment for the Lacoste Crocs to ski through, slaloming around the products.
The result is a lovely, tactile, playful warm-hearted campaign that feels gifty and premium. The paper representing wrapping paper ties the whole idea up perfectly in a simple Lacoste style.

The Credits
Paper Sculpture X Hattie Stewart. Photogrphy (stills and stop-frame) / Directing X Catherine Losing. Design X Veronika Safrankova. Individual Fragrance Gifs Art Directed by Lisa Comerford.
My Role X Original Concept and Art Direction Key skills X Campaign Concept / Art Direction

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