Lewis Hamilton's #TeamLHmovie

  • Shelley (Syd) Hargis
  • Ben Thompson
  • Alex Daish
A global, real-time social/mobile activation for Lewis Hamilton.
Working with Lewis Hamilton we created a real-time, social/mobile activation for the build up to his F1 World Championship race. Through a socially driven mobile web app, we invited Lewis’ 7 million+ fans to capture their experiences. The footage was instantly submitted; allowing us to create and release #TeamLHmovie hours after the race.
The film saw a million views in a day on Facebook alone, #TeamLHmovie generated over 43M impressions and 30,000 people from 50 countries used the app.
The app allowed us to set responsive video challenges; reacting to real time events and directing fans to tell the story. The activation was supported by streams of bite- size social content, and social outreach was also undertaken to ensure key fans and influencers were involved as co-creators and ambassadors of the project.


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