Lexus NX: launch campaign

Launching the new Lexus NX throughout Europe with a campaign that needed to capture the attention of a new audience, and change people's perceptions of the Lexus brand. A number of groundbreaking digital interactions showcased the unique design, and driving experience designed round the campaign positioning: creating immersive experiences that enabling customers to bring the campaign theme to life and enter the world of 'striking angles'. The solution delivered a tightly integrated campaign built around three activation points: NX House (a progressively unlocking website and heart of the campaign), branded mobile apps, and globally touring a daring head controlled virtual reality driving and configuration experience in Oculus Rift (a digital first for the industry at the time) resulting in significant increase in conversion and conquest audience acquisition. Winner of M&M Global, Best International Launch 2015 award, and finalist for BIMA, Automotive 2015 and Brand Republic, Digital Out-of-Home 2015 2015