Lisson Gallery celebrates 50th anniversary (2017)

  • Megan McCann
  • Flora Macfarlane
  • haniya bhatty

Celebrations included the blockbuster 'EVERYTHING AT ONCE' exhibition at The Store (180 The Strand) in partnership with the Vinyl Factory, along with Irma Boon designed publication 'ARTIST | WORK | LISSON'. ‘All hail the Lisson’s enduring ability to challenge, explore and to provoke and to keep supporting the very best artists of all ages from across the globe’ - The Telegraph ‘While EVERYTHING AT ONCE is full of familiar names, it still has the capacity to surprise’ - Frieze ‘The exhibition – perhaps experience would be a better word – is beautifully curated by Greg Hilty and Ossian Ward so that each work has some visual or intellectual association with the next, while remaining a perfectly discrete instance of Lisson Gallery art’ - The Observer ‘The works in this show share an underlying integrity that makes them immune from the notoriously fickle fashions of the art world. Several are profoundly contemplative’ - Elephant ‘Eschewing a more traditional, retrospective route for such a significant anniversary, Lisson continues to be focused on the new’ - Sleek ‘With a Giant Floating Anish Kapoor and Other Mega-Art, Lisson Prepares a Spectacular 50th Anniversary Show in London‘ - Artnet News ‘This all-star exhibition in the spectacular brutalist architectural setting of the Store Studios is a 50th-anniversary celebration of one of London’s leading commercial galleries. Founded in 1967 in the heyday of the conceptual art movement, the Lisson Gallery has maintained its thoughtful approach with surprising success into the age of pop conceptualism’ - The Guardian, ‘Best of Autumn 2017’