London Design Festival // The People's Plastic

  • Tajwar Aziz
  • Halszka Staniewicz
  • Varvara Soloveva
  • Wan Nur Bahiah W Zulkifli
An average Londoner gets through 175 bottles of water each year. Plastic bottles are cheap, convenient, and easily accessible. When we are on the go, often thirst takes hold of us, we may not stop to consider the environment. This falls into a poor second place to the need to quench that growing thirst. We then find our way into the closest cafe or store, reach for a bottle, then dispose of it, forgetting that there is more to its lifecycle.
We live in a world where smokers are glared at on the street, while shoppers carry a ‘bag for life’ to the stores. Yet those carrying plastic water bottles are perceived as ‘cool’ and trendy. Our investigation lies in understanding what it would take for individuals to not reach for plastic water bottles.

We ask, would you still reach for bottled water…

The work was later picked up for the PLASTIC exhibition at the Science Gallery in Dublin and toured 5 locations in Ireland.


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