Love Levi's Branding

The aim of this project was to modify customisable aspects from Levi’s existing tailor shop and adapt the personalisation components into an exclusive, collaborative, bespoke, tactile publication. The aim of this publication was to reinvigorate Levi’s as a brand, reaching out to a younger demographic by asking them to demonstrate their love of the brand through traditional craft. 
The brief will be distributed to a target consumer via social media, requesting a variety of multimedia responses to the theme “Love Levi’s”. The brief invited Levi’s lovers to respond and communicate what loving Levi’s means to them. The end product - in the form of a publication - exhibits tactility, brand engagement, and visual responses through celebrating the current customisation trend and traditional craft. Targeting this specific audience engaged them directly with the brand, creating the honest, unique experiences so many people are currently seeking. The artworks presented throughout the book are both a testament to the brands prevailing influence and a legacy for the future.

All packaging and presentation components were designed and created by myself.