Malala Fund YouTube Channel

  • Doug Higman
  • Jay Maude
  • Prachi Mokashi
  • Fawna Xiao
  • Rohit Iyer

Like. Subscribe. Amplify girls' voices. Malala Fund works to break down the barriers that keep 130 million girls around the world from going to school. Our task is to bring the same energy and inspiration to its YouTube channel with Roll Call, a new content series featuring Malala and other extraordinary young women who are fighting for their right to learn and lead. Over the coming year, we’ll help them create the stories they believe need to be told; stories about conflict, genocide, inequality, and why girls’ education is one of our most powerful weapons in the fight to end those things. Credits: Creative - Rohit Iyer Exec Producer - Lorraine Warner Producer - Matt Mager Production Manager - Fawna Xiao Editors - Prachi Mokashi & Jay Maude Edit Assistant - Stephen Walsh PA - Nora Scoccimarro