Doug Higman

Doug Higman

Motion Graphics DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Doug Higman

Doug Higman

Motion Graphics DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm a London based multidisciplinary designer, focusing on motion graphics.
  • Google Drive Enterprise
    Google Drive EnterpriseAn explainer film showing the features of Drive Enterprise
Projects credited in
  • Malala Fund YouTube Channel
    Malala Fund YouTube ChannelLike. Subscribe. Amplify girls' voices. Malala Fund works to break down the barriers that keep 130 million girls around the world from going to school. Our task is to bring the same energy and inspiration to its YouTube channel with Roll Call, a new content series featuring Malala and other extraordinary young women who are fighting for their right to learn and lead. Over the coming year, we’ll help them create the stories they believe need to be told; stories about conflict, genocide, inequ
  • Google Arts & Culture | Art Palette
    Google Arts & Culture | Art PaletteFeed your creativity and create your own one-of-a-kind Art Palette by playing with the colors that surround you. This video launched Art Palette, a Machine Learning experiment developed by Google Arts & Culture, that will surprise you with unique color combinations. Start the experience here: Creative: Rohit Iyer Executive Producer: Lorraine Warner Producer: Angelica Riccardi Production Manager: Fawna Xiao Lead Motion Designer: Teresa Tang Thumbnail Design: Doug Higman
  • XIAOMI | Beware the Notch
    XIAOMI | Beware the NotchWhat’s a notch? For some, it’s the little black bar at the top of a mobile phone that houses the selfie camera. For others, it’s the bane that ruins every second of their viewing experience. Who knew something so small could spark such a fiery debate? One company to take on the challenge is Chinese phone manufacturer, Xiaomi. Despite being the world’s 4th largest of its kind, Xiaomi isn’t quite a household name in the Western market (yet!). But given their track record of making spectacular p
  • Teaching with Tatiek
    Teaching with TatiekTatiek’s forward-thinking teaching style incorporates educational videos into the classroom, but in Indonesia, patchy signals and expensive data makes watching videos a frustrating obstacle. Tatiek downloads videos via YouTube Go, allowing her to show them to students at any time whilst keeping control over her data. The film was shown at Google for Indonesia, the annual summit where YouTube Go was launched.
  • AlphaZero: Mastering chess with creativity
    AlphaZero: Mastering chess with creativityAlphaZero plays very differently to other chess engines. Unlike existing chess programs that use thousands of rules programmed by experts, AlphaZero has no rules. Instead it learns to play chess from scratch by playing against itself millions of time. The result is a chess style that is unlike anything that has come before. AlphaZero plays intuitively and dynamically – discarding large quantities of accepted chess theory in the process. And it wins. When Deepmind asked us to make a film to
  • Mess = Greatness
    Mess = GreatnessContrary to what many kids are taught, failure isn’t wrong; it’s essential. We created this call out to young inventors, coders and problem solvers, to let them know that Google Science Fair is open. The film is all about honesty, and fun. The process of experimentation is anything but perfect – whether in the world of science or everyday life. But the journey to ideas, and the questions that are asked along the way, are every bit as exciting as the destination. This music-driven piece is a ce
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Work history
    AKQA logo
    AKQA logo
    Senior Motion DesignerAKQA
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Freelance Design &
    London, United KingdomFreelance
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  • Adobe After Effects
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  • Digital Photography
  • Cinema 4D
    YCN logo
    YCN logo
    YCN Student Awards WinnerYCN
    I created a stop motion animation for the charity Plan UK