Fawna Xiao

Fawna Xiao

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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Fawna Xiao

Fawna Xiao

ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hello! I'm a self-motivated and thoughtful creative with skills and experience in a wide range of fields. I'm an effective leader and team player - I work hard and I push myself and my colleagues every day to do better and more dynamic work.
  • Education Above All - #UnitetoProtect School Child to Child Soldier
    Education Above All - #UnitetoProtect School Child to Child SoldierFor the first annual International's Day to Protect Education from Attack (Sept 9th), we made a powerful film for Education Above All to show what happens when we don't protect education from attack.
  • Coronavirus Testing for Key Workers
    Coronavirus Testing for Key WorkersA quick turn-around project for the Department of Health and Social Care to help explain the drive through testing process in an engaging and friendly way.
  • The New Gmail - Introducing your new home for work
    The New Gmail - Introducing your new home for workWe partnered with G Suite to create an announcement film for the new Gmail, and visualized the collaborative process that Google used to build and design their flagship product.
  • Google Shopping - How It Works
    Google Shopping - How It WorksWe collaborated with animation company Formplay to create an introduction video to the new Google Shopping in the US - and came out with this stunning and playful film.
  • This American Cat
    This American CatMy friend Daniel was dressed as Ira Glass for Halloween. We decided to go get a cup of coffee to catch up and he mentioned that the first cat cafe in the United States had just opened, and did I want to check it out? We decided that since he was already dressed as Ira Glass and I had my crappy little camera that we should probably take advantage of the system. To the baristas' confusion, we explained that we were here to shoot a web short called "This American Cat", and were here to interview the cats. Despite the explanation that they were cats and couldn't talk, we carried on. This is the short we made.
  • General Magic the Documentary
    General Magic the DocumentaryGeneral Magic is a documentary about a tech company in the '90's that tried to invent the smartphone before the internet. It's a story about trying to do the impossible and what do after epic failure. I was the Production Manager on this project, and like with all small documentary crews, I was in charge of much more than usual. I organized shoots all over the country, varying from traditional interviews in billionaire's homes to filming a real and very massive wildfire in Big Sur. I was in charge of logistics, budgeting, crew, and overall happiness. This film is incredibly ambitious and I have been very proud to be a part of it.
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Projects credited in
  • Google Arts & Culture | Art Palette
    Google Arts & Culture | Art PaletteFeed your creativity and create your own one-of-a-kind Art Palette by playing with the colors that surround you. This video launched Art Palette, a Machine Learning experiment developed by Google Arts & Culture, that will surprise you with unique color combinations. Start the experience here: https://g.co/artpalette Creative: Rohit Iyer Executive Producer: Lorraine Warner Producer: Angelica Riccardi Production Manager: Fawna Xiao Lead Motion Designer: Teresa Tang Thumbnail Design: Doug Higman
  • AlphaZero: Mastering chess with creativity
    AlphaZero: Mastering chess with creativityAlphaZero plays very differently to other chess engines. Unlike existing chess programs that use thousands of rules programmed by experts, AlphaZero has no rules. Instead it learns to play chess from scratch by playing against itself millions of time. The result is a chess style that is unlike anything that has come before. AlphaZero plays intuitively and dynamically – discarding large quantities of accepted chess theory in the process. And it wins. When Deepmind asked us to make a film to
  • Malala Fund YouTube Channel
    Malala Fund YouTube ChannelLike. Subscribe. Amplify girls' voices. Malala Fund works to break down the barriers that keep 130 million girls around the world from going to school. Our task is to bring the same energy and inspiration to its YouTube channel with Roll Call, a new content series featuring Malala and other extraordinary young women who are fighting for their right to learn and lead. Over the coming year, we’ll help them create the stories they believe need to be told; stories about conflict, genocide, inequ
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Work history
    Across the Pond logo
    Across the Pond logo
    Production ManagerAcross the Pond
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    • Coordinates multiple productions simultaneously – varying from animations to narrative content pieces to scripted content, all within different timeframes and deliverable requirements • Manages all logistics for productions including budgets, crew, casting, art department, locations, and legal issues – detail oriented, thoughtful, and flexible • Ensures that everyone goes home happy – from the crew, to the talent, to the client
    Production ManagerSpellbound Productions
     - Palo Alto, United StatesFreelance
    • Coordinates production for a full-length theatrical release documentary, titled General Magic (currently in post-production) • Organizes and manages all logistics of a full-scale film production including call sheets, equipment, personnel, lodging, and transportation. Ensures efficiency, a smooth production, and happiness of all. • Manages third party vendors as well as freelance contributors, including researchers and crew • Balances budget, expenses, and invoicing
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  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Logistics
  • Microsoft Office
  • Client Relations
  • Social Media
  • Digital Content
  • Digital Strategy
  • Curation
  • Video Producer
    Bachelor of Visual Arts (BA), Film and multimediaUniversity of Maryland College Park
     - College Park, United States