Market Research Society

  • Tony Goff
  • Steven Chen
  • Steven Bennett-Day

Initial work done for a redesign of the Market Reseach Society (MRS) site. I set about creating a more open, inviting layout which could utilise a lot of large panels and bold colours which would give the client flexibility in promoting a range of content. Working with Precedent’s Creative Director Steven Bennet Day, I looked at ways to highlight the importance of market research for businesses within the homepage header. For example, research that helped to shape a political campaign or help a telecoms brand to engage with their customers. By matching these case studies with photos of the real people who were involved in the work, we were able to make the site feel more personable and inviting to potential customers. The site was completed by Precedent’s permanent designer Steven Chen in 2018 who did a wonderful job adapting and expanding on the initial art direction.

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