McGuigan Wines

  • Elliott Starr (he/ him)
  • Hannah Jones-Walters

McGuigan wines were looking to renew their partnership with Timeless Entertainment on UKTV Drama but they needed a creative refresh. More importantly, they needed a strategic thread that worked across channels. The supermarket wine-wall can be a daunting place and Brits often fear 'getting wine wrong'. We evolved McGuigan's existing brand line 'Bring a McGuigan' to resonate with this. ‘No dramas, when you bring a McGuigan’ re-assures you that if it has McGuigan on the label, you can’t go far wrong. The line also nods to McGuigan’s Australian heritage and irreverence. It creates a platform that works from TV sponsorship through to responsive, topical social activity and crucially, at point of purchase. The ‘trailer-like’ films play on the tropes of classic British Drama TV; dramatic set-ups that quickly resolve to reveal the kind of innocuous social scenarios in reflective of our audiences’ drinking occasion.


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