Meet the GFF 2020 New Fashion Media Award Nominees

  • Emily-Rose Peck
  • April Howie
  • Olivia Kellerman
  • Megan Carmichael
  • Emily Salmon
  • Veronica Wong Diffa
  • Natasha Wilson
  • Isabel Davies
  • Chloe Lewis

Fashion digital media is a dynamic and flourishing part of the fashion industry with new media constantly evolving alongside traditional formats. GFF wants to find and celebrate the voice of a new generation. Project submissions are sought across the board of fashion new media that are innovative and resonate with the industry including websites / app development / blogs / online channels / social media strategy and campaigns. This can be a collaborative project by more than one student. Meet the award nominees below!

April Howie, University of Central Lancashire

Due to COVID-19 I wasn’t able to produce my front and back cover onto beautifully printed paper or have it laser cut. The initial paper used was from GF Smith and was a very vibrant colour with tiny flecks of sparkles embedded within. I have tried to translate this as best as I could through a digital submission having to tweak the colours slightly. Please see images of the draft portfolio made with the beautiful papers. I would have also had pull outs for example on the website and social media as well as other 3d promotional pieces for postcards and my trend book etc. I apologise for the quality of these images they were taken at home.
Chloe Lewis, Northumbria University

The jewellery market is one that has shown consistent growth throughout the past 5 years and has managed to maintain value through dif cult times in society. Although the market is increasingly diverse, through analysis it can be recognised that the industry lacks any unisex brand who caters for both sustainability and style. Additionally, platforms such as WGSN have noted an increase in need for exclusivity within the jewellery market with more individuals nding it harder to curate collections of unique jewellery.

Onyx is a contemporary unisex jewellery brand offering exclusive limited edition collections. Launching in 2021. Our competitive edge is based on creative, unique designs. Whilst this can be replicated to an extent, Onyx harnesses the power of our incredible team whose expertise is infrequently encountered. Each of our designs aim to incorporate elements of distinctiveness that stand out from most jewellery. There will be a prime focus on rings and necklaces as two items identi ed with growing interest in the jewellery market.
Emily-Rose Peck, Southampton Solent University

Fashion Intern (FI) Online’s conception was born out of the Covid-19 Pandemic as my original FMP proposal included a documentary series on ‘A day in the life of an Intern.’ However with businesses closing & university facilities no longer available, I had to find an alternative solution which would bring together a network of followers and ll a much needed gap in the market. With everything turning to the online arena, having a digital presence has never been so important so I expanded my knowledge of WordPress and evolved the FI brand into an online platform.

At its core, FI Online aims to be the ‘go-to’ intern hub bringing together a community of fashion’s future. In a fragile graduate market, more so than ever before there is in need of an informative voice bridging the gap between students, graduates and industry helping to navigate through this uncertain time. Fashion Intern Online focuses on the key pillars such as an intern survival kit, industry intel, insight knowledge & FI Club. From podcasts to advice columns, the online platform aims to be an incredible resource for mentorship and advice for those entering the notoriously competitive industry. FI Online brings a personable service through easily digestible, informative content under one roof. It is a collaboration of the whole industry and is the go – to place for career advice.
Emily Salmon, Southampton Solent University

Tribe is a quarterly print magazine for unapologetic women. Tribe Magazine will contain talks of fashion, beauty, politics and lifestyle, with opinions of various unapologetic in uencers and activists throughout. This product looks at the unapologetic women who are making a stand and changing the world. Tribe will be a publication for young women who believe women have the power, women who believe in themselves more than anything else, women who know their worth. The rst issue of this publication has already been created and so it has already de ned itself as a publication within the independant magazine industry.

Tribe’s customers and readers can be anyone. We aim to target women, mostly young women but not excluding the older generations that have the same views. We target women of all races, classes, occupations and cultures, all these women will have the same underlying beliefs and values, and will all be fed up of having to compromise themselves for others. They will all be wanting an equal world with equal oppurtunities.
Isabel Davies, Birmingham City University

Monki_adigitalworld’ is a sub-brand of fashion retailer Monki. Created as a subsidiary to the main brand Monki which is parented by H&Mgroup. ‘Monki_adigitalworld’ will provide a solely digital fashion product and service, launching with their zero-waste capsule collection; Arti cial_Realities. Items featured in this digital collection will be available to purchase as photorealistic overlays that will be 3D digitally tailored to a chosen selfie or photograph uploaded by the customer.

As digitally advanced consumers, Gen Z, and Millennials are already living between their virtual and physical spaces. With social media influencing them to subconsciously view clothing more as digital content for their online identities. This digital collection proposes an alternative to how they could potentially satisfy their desire for newness by investing in virtual clothing instead. The innovation of using image overlays will allow consumers to update their social media feeds with new outfits without ever purchasing a physical product.
Libby Russell, University of South Wales

3D virtual clothing and cyberspace catwalks are no longer just the imaginings of futurists or passionate gamers but the growing reality for many fashion brands, not least because we’ve all had our ‘real world’ movement restricted right now.

Digital Fashion can encompass so many things, from avatar clothing, holograms and augmented reality to virtual worlds and catwalks or simple computer-generated graphics. I wanted to push the boundaries of the catwalk and the expression of garments whilst collaborating with others experimenting with different mediums in their own industries. I’ve always been interested in gaming and this project enabled me to really explore how fashion can be expressed through the use of VFX and if it can enhance the experience for the consumer whilst also highlighting brand values.
Megan Carmichael, Liverpool John Moores University

My research began focusing solely on footwear and its future role within society. My first source of inspiration came from finding an abandoned heeled shoe in the dirt during my walk into university one morning. This image of this shoe kickstarted my project and its footwear focus, firstly considering how as a society, we seem to be discarding formal styles of footwear and opting for a more casual style of dress in the form of the trainer shoe. My initial research consisted of gathering my own primary imagery in order to scope emerging trends in society.

I found that I had an interest in timelines quite early on in this project, the process of unpicking different historical events surrounding footwear really appealed to me as I was able to go back and speculate alternate realities. My research was quite heavily focused on anatomy and foot health, I explored the ways in which we are harming and also helping our feet through our choice of footwear. A big interest for me during this was my investigation surrounding human evolution and the idea of our form being directly affected by our choice of footwear and the environment in which we are in.

Natasha Wilson, Arts University Bournemouth

Burberry World combines both fashion and gaming to create an innovative new app in proposal for Burberry. The app is an interactive “virtual world” with options to explore Burberry in cities from across the world.
The first feature allows the user to create their own avatar, with options to change colours and styles to produce their own digital self. The second feature is a map of the city where the user can play mini games to win virtual Burberry items. The nal feature is a virtual changing room where the user can dress their avatar in the items they’ve collected, with options to purchase and share. The app is a playful and interactive touchpoint for the consumer, o ering a new way to not only shop but experience the Burberry brand.
Olivia Kellerman, University for the Creative Arts Epsom

Life is full of compromises, learning how to deal with changes that shift out of your control is a di cult thing to cope with. e Blacklist’s journey hasn’t been an easy one, we’ve had to adapt to the times and squash ideas that we were passionate about doing. But the big learning experience is that as young visionaries, ‘creativity cannot and will not be quarantined’. Yes, our work has suffered, not being able to go out for inspiration, interact with others has caused an understandable halt in plans, and our mental wellbeing has perhaps suffered. But thankfully the brilliant minds of our generation, we can honestly say that a global pandemic did not stop us from exhausting every possible outlet to create beyond what we thought was possible.

So welcome to my very first issue of ‘ e Blacklist’, the print edition, I am honoured and humbled to say that we have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing creatives who have shared, so beautifully their honest experiences and thoughts on our community. We have featured black Photographers, illustrators, writers and poets, this issue is an introduction to all the topics and brilliant people that e Blacklist aims to promote, encourage and share.
Veronica Wong Diffa, University for the Creative Arts Epsom

Motion magazine is a quarterly, UK based, Arts & Culture, print and digital publication, that showcases multicultural artists of the creative industry. Motion gives their readers an insight into fashion, art, beauty and the performing arts; showcasing an individual's talent irrelevant of age, gender or background. It’s the creative spark that intrigues the mind of Motion.

Motion is aimed at the innovative and intellectual minds of 20-30 Year olds, targeting young adults, such as graduates or students working towards a creative career, as well as older adults who have already found their niche. Both are eager to broaden their knowledge and their contacts to introduce innovative ideas into the industry. They are equally experimental, creatively impulsive, and intrigued by new concepts, allowing them to stay relevant in their field.