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Stormzy Announces #Merky Books, an Imprint for New Voices in Partnership with Penguin Random House UK
Stormzy is delighted to announce #Merky Books, a brand new imprint in partnership with William Heinemann, dedicated to publishing the best new fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Curated by Stormzy, and launching with his first book Rise Up this November, #Merky Books will publish two to three titles per year, and form a home for a new generation of voices. 

Rise up: The #Merky Story So Far

A showman like no other, Stormzy’s remarkable ascent has been matched by his honest and relatable character. A true spokesmen of black empowerment and social activism, Stormzy is one of the UK’s most inspiring young men who has consistently stood up for people from all areas of life, encouraging his fans and listeners alike to speak openly about their beliefs, to vote, and to fight for their rights.
Rise Up is the story of how he got there. It’s a story about faith and the ideas worth fighting for. It’s about knowing where you’re from, and where you’re going. It’s about following your dreams without compromising who you are.
Rise Up will be published on 1 November 2018 and will feature a number of never-before-seen photographs, annotated lyrics and contributions from those closest to him. Rise Up is Stormzy’s story, in his own words, and the record of a journey unlike any other.


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