Miller's Vodka

  • Marge Urquhart
  • Kyle Taylor

University group project in collaboration with local Edinburgh studio Contagious. The brief was to launch a Scottish vodka in an international market of our choice. We chose Brazil, due to vodka's popularity and growing economy.

The story behind the brand: 125 years ago, a Scotsman brought football to Brazil. His last name was Miller, and so we created Miller's vodka to tie together the country's love of football, and the vodka's Scottish origins.
The bottle design is based around the Brazilian flag, using its colour scheme as well as its star formation that represents Brazil's 27 states. Our idea was to launch the vodka at Carnival, with a ceilidh on the opening night. A Miller's bar would serve vodka caipirinhas (Brazil's national cocktail - also known as a caipiroska) as well as pre-mixed cans of the drink.