Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor

Graphic DesignerEdinburgh, United Kingdom
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Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor

Graphic DesignerEdinburgh, United Kingdom
About me
A recent graduate of BDes (Hons) Graphic Design from Edinburgh Napier University. Currently starting to begin his career in the Design Industry. Follow me on Instagram to see my current activity: @kyle_stuart_taylor
  • Maximilian Mills
    Maximilian MillsMaximilian Mills: identity design for a game developer Branding for a game developer who required an identity for future job opportunities, the client specialises in destruction physics. For his final year university project the client created a series of walls that the player can destroy. To create the cracks in the walls the client used a voronoi diagram to fracture the objects. This theory became the core graphic element for the identity, using a wall like shape fractured to represent his wo
  • Last Call
    Last CallA proposal design for the Napier Degree show, the idea revolves around the concept of a ‘last call’ in a pub or bar; it is to reflect class 2020’s last time at Edinburgh Napier. The synonymous object with this term is the bell that is rung; this will now be the call to action to attend this years show. A custom typeface was designed - inspired by the shape of the bell - to give the show ownership over brand material. The typeface is a functional design that the client can use on additional cont
  • Photography Collection
    Photography CollectionA short collection of photographs I have taken over the years ranging from city life, portraits and landscape.
  • Dignity Boxes
    Dignity BoxesDignity Boxes: brand and pitch a charity identity A brand for an Edinburgh Napier charity which asked for a new brand identity that would appeal to those who require toiletries. The up and coming charity places boxes in discreet public places across Edinburgh. My design visualizes the boxes and toiletries aspect of the identity in order for the target audience to easily identity the charity. A full brand package was created: from brand marque to promotional material.
  • Kyle Taylor
    Kyle TaylorMy new personal identity: a wordmark that encapsulates my diverse collection of work, how I can flex my graphic style, work between different mediums and my strong depiction of typography.
  • Miller's Premium Scottish Vodka
    Miller's Premium Scottish VodkaA speculative group project from Studio Contagious tasked with creating a Scottish Vodka for a specific market. Introducing Miller’s Premium Vodka specifically for the carnivals of Brazil. Our Vodka was inspired by the story of Charles Miller - a Scotsman - who brought football to Brazil 125 years ago. Now football is the national sport of both countries, our Vodka wish’s to celebrate this cultural exchange by bringing the next big phenomenon. I was tased with the creation of the bottle and grap
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Projects credited in
  • Edinburgh Napier University, BDes(Hons) Graphic Design
    Edinburgh Napier University, BDes(Hons) Graphic DesignThe BDes(Hons) Graphic Design course is a multi award winning programme, which has one eye on the creative economy, and equipping students with the skills to hit the ground running in industry, and one eye on social justice, and how graphic design can be used as an agent of change. Our highly employable graduates have won nearly 70 national student design awards since 2011. We are a creatively brave community of thinkers, critics, makers and designers who make a big impact with the work we do -
  • Miller's Vodka
    Miller's VodkaUniversity group project in collaboration with local Edinburgh studio Contagious. The brief was to launch a Scottish vodka in an international market of our choice. We chose Brazil, due to vodka's popularity and growing economy.
Work history
    Work ExperienceSTV Creative
     - Glasgow, United KingdomInternship
    First hand experience that provided an understanding of the work ethic expected from designers in industry. A quick and professional standard was required of me, in order to meet studio deadlines. Mockups and visualisations of concepts created, required to be easily understood and identifiable. A willingness to take the initiative and learn through challenges set by designers. This formative experience provided an increase in confidence as a designer as the studio was delighted by my performance and personalty.
    Graphic Designer (Volunteer ongoing)Greenside Parish Church
     - Edinburgh, United KingdomFreelance
    A volunteer initiative to provide Greenside Church an identity design that speaks to their current and future members. In order to do so, physical research, focus groups and client interaction was paramount to correctly design an appropriate graphic execution that achieves the goals set out by the brief. Once the final design was established; client and audience presentations were set and performed where the design was met with positive and enthusiastic responses. This project demonstrated the importance of research and analysing the subject in order to produce a final execution that will excel the clients expectations.
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    BDes (Hons) Graphic DesignEdinburgh Napier University
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom