• Elif Gurbuz
  • Maria Djalev
  • Blair Jarvis

Digital Product Design | 2018 In 2018, I was involved in designing a new digital platform for Mitsubishi Motors. This global rebranding effort was initiated to reposition Mitsubishi in the automotive market, gain prominence over competitors and optimise an end-to-end customer experience that reflects this vision. The solutions respond to a high-quality, scalable design system that accommodates both global and regional market needs while creating an elegant aesthetic that’s associated with the brand. I worked closely with business in meeting and tracking KPIs — both to improve brand metrics and leads and ROI. As a result, Mitsubishi Motors’ new online platform is inspired by a modern Japanese aesthetic and an excellent craftsmanship tradition, or in other words “Mitsubishi-ness”. This new experience conveys an “ambition to explore”. At its core, this new platform is the reinvention of Mitsubishi as a customer-centric brand, and to do so, merges learnings from industry leaders. To represent these core values, we built a minimalistic look and feel, using key graphic elements that introduce playfulness and technological competence. One of the journeys I created was a micro experience that helps users pick the right vehicle for their needs. A step-by-step form narrows down the vehicle options through a simple narrative. Each question is revealed as you go, with 3 answers to choose from. A simple yet playful look and feel highlight this gamified experience. Client: Mitsubishi Agency: Critical Mass