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Since our start, we've seen markets rise and fall. Technologies come and go. Platforms appear (and disappear) over night. And consumers habits change week to week. We've helped our clients grow through it all—not by insulating them from change, but by helping them embrace it. By finding strategic, data-inspired ways to incorporate new technologies and digital design possibilities into brand experiences, we help our clients serve up a better, more relevant experience to their customers. And when customers win, our clients win. Today, we're 950 employees across 11 global offices, and our London office is one of our largest and most vibrant. In addition to servicing globally recognised clients such as Apple, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Bank of NY Mellon and Prudential, the office is a source of continued growth and award-winning work. As a full-service hub, London can deliver end-to-end experience design, as well as collaborate effortlessly with teams in other locations. Whilst experience design is at our agency's core, our breadth of services spans strategic consulting, marketing communications, social media, technology implementation, and marketing science (data & analytics). Our teams listen to what each client needs, providing tailored service and collaborating with them throughout each project. Purpose-led and Driven People are at the core of our growth and our growth philosophy. We’re completely dependent on the quality our people for our success and we know that organisational culture plays an important role in increasing workplace productivity. The talented people who make Critical Mass a success are not only the best at what they do, they also have an irrepressible urge to make a positive impact in the world. More than ever, we’re connecting our talent initiatives with our desire to create positive change—a clear sense of purpose that’s rooted in our core values. We believe tomorrow’s talent will be global, independent, and purpose-driven. That’s why we’ve begun laying the groundwork to attract and retain them. We’ve invented new tools and policies for our liquid talent program, strengthened our already strong culture, and substantiated how Critical Mass will become a more purpose-driven agency—a place where people can do work that’s truly meaningful. And we’re just getting started.



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