We’re a design agency, there are always a tonne of jobs to do and they all need doing for the tightest of deadlines. So it didn’t feel like there was time to grow our skills, master new techniques or generally broaden our horizon’s.
We were also finding it difficult to learn for the sake of learning. In short we needed an output to aim for and drive the new skills.


We love experimenting. We love tinkering. We love learning new shit.
We look at old problems in a new way, we look at new technologies, we look new ways to solve old arguments.
We put aside time every week to develop new skills. Everyone in the team has the time to do this. We call it MS Tech Lab.


Slack App: We developed MelloBrew, an app that users install on their slack channel. What is MelloBrew? It’s an app that resolve’s the time honoured argument of who in the office is going to make the next round of tea’s (or brew’s if you’re from up’north).
Chrome Extension: We developed MelloBullshit, an extension that user install on their Chrome. What is MelloBullshit? It’s an extension that gives the user a new definition each day for the bullshit jargon currently being spouted by the marketing worlds finest and brightest.

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