Mutt Magazine

  • Alice Harrison
  • Rosie Spence
  • Jay Harris

Championing an aesthetic inspired by the exuberant energy of dogs, Mutt Magazine was created in response to our compassion for the cause. Embedding my love of editorial design, vibrant colour and photography, Mutt Magazine is a new niche publication, celebrating rescue dogs by peeking through the keyholes of families and their happy hounds, offering an undocumented glimpse into their second chance at a forever home.

We introduce Mutt Magazine: a biannual publication that will peek through the keyholes of the families and their happy hounds, offering an undocumented glimpse into their second chance of a forever home. The intent of the magazine is to explore the benefits of adopting dogs from rescue centres and educate that owning a dog is a forever commitment and that it doesn’t come without its challenges. The project’s purpose is to reflect an honest representation of rescue dogs through the oppressing of the misconceptions associated. We hope that through our positive approach and the subverting of preconceived ideologies that we can enhance the chances of these abandoned dogs in receiving their second chance.
When testing this idea with Julian Victoria, Editor of Dog Mag, he commented, “I think we, magazines, are and have a cool platform to present issues like this, educating people, young people especially, is key if we want things to change in this world. Dogs who end up in rescue centres is purely the consequence of someone not being educated properly about dog ownership. I think it is important to present it in a way that is not preachy or patronising." Subsequently, Mutt Mag intends to subtly educate its consumers whilst simultaneously promoting a positive outlook and approach toward its subject matter and visuals by subverting current preconceptions about rescue dog
The name for Mutt Mag derives from the definition of a mixed breed dog - the most common breed found within rescue shelters. Mutt Mag is the “mixed breed” of the publication world, not belonging to one recognised breed through the merging of a myriad of multidisciplinary art forms in an unconventional manner. Despite its differences, Mutt Mag is a companion that wants to be loved, understood and valued.
Issue one of Mutt Mag is entitled ‘Home’ in order to introduce the magazine to our consumer, much like a family would introduce their newest member to its forever home - an appropriate launch issue to establish the publication’s tone of voice and approach. Mutt Mag consists of meaningful content and heartfelt stories from individuals who have rescued their dogs and how they have welcomed their pet into its new home, evaluating the impact it has had on their life.
Having been inspired by Humans of New York, personal anecdotes create a deeper, emotional connection with audiences prompting them to share the stories featured - an outcome we hope to achieve through Mutt Mag in order to educate and enlighten consumers, exemplifying that these animals come with their challenges, from a previous life of abuse and neglect, but welcoming them into a forever home will be incredibly worthwhile; resulting in a companion for life
Through Mutt Mag’s visuals we aim to subvert the stereotypes regarding rescue dogs with a fun and quirky aesthetic. We took inspiration from areas outside of our subject matter, such as
architecture and graphic design, for more of a diverse and unconventional approach, with a graphical and fashion-driven edge.
As readers of independent magazines, we have become incredibly conditioned to the minimal and paired-back visual style of contemporary publications. Here at Mutt Mag, our creative concept aims to appreciate the vibrant, energetic and sometimes chaotic nature of dogs.
Inspired by dogs themselves, Mutt Mag’s design takes a fun, positive and energetic approach to aesthetic with love, care and dedication embedded into every turn of the page. Through bold eccentric colours and self-made geometric shapes, the publication has been designed to attract both dog lovers and design enthusiasts.