My Hair Won't Be Silenced - Pantene Gold Series

  • Charles Olayinka
  • Jolade Olusanya
  • Jessica Ross
  • barbara premo
  • Erin O'Garro
  • Nardia Bryan
  • Salomé-Dior Williams

A new report by Pantene reveals at least 93% of Black people with Afro hair in the UK have experienced microaggressions related to their hair. Uninvited hair touching was reported as one of the most common types of microaggressions, experienced by nearly half (46%). 52% of Black people with Afro hair state that discrimination against their hair has negatively affected their self-esteem or mental health. Only 7% of people without Afro Hair were able to identify common microaggressions. The Gold Series from Pantene ‘My Hair Won’t be Silenced’ campaign from has been brought to life in an emotive short film by SXWKS.