• Ollie Olanipekun
  • Phillip Bircham
  • Jenny Zhang

A ‘New Age Wellness Centre’ immersing audiences into a multi-sensory anti-hype experience.

Concept – Creative Direction – Spatial Design – Programme Curation – Casting

Concept, design and build of a dual-purpose space which acts firstly as an immersive ‘anti-hype’ festival experience and secondly smartly integrates unreleased product.

SUPERIMPOSE created an immersive concept space sitting at the heart of the Pharos Festival in New Zealand, built from 3 large scale structures and supplemented with local staff provided with scripts to immerse visitors into the center’s narrative.

Built around the idea of a new age Wellness center, this became a refuge for guests to switch off, immerse themselves and reconnect through multi-sensory experiences both before and after the main festival experience.

Sound baths, cosmic humming, truth connection booths and enlightenment exercises in nearby fields helped craft an 360 narrative for guests to be drawn into.


A chamber people were challenged to leave their ego’s at the door. Custom hanging ‘booths’ were built, where visitors stepped inside to be connected to a stranger elsewhere in the room. Removing all visual cues, people let go of their assumptions and connected with new people, revealed secrets and made friends. All visitors were guided by staff to ask questions that explore their sense of self, relationship with time and more.


An immersive sound bath utilising senses of sight and touch where attendees were encouraged to come lay, switch off and recalibrate their thoughts. Guiding them on this journey was a bespoke 4 hour soundscape by Childish Gambino collaborator Xander Singh commissioned especially for the project.


In the middle of the space was a desensitised white space where attendees were first immersed into the Newcastle narrative through scripted interactions with ‘Maori’ elders. This is where the first ever reveal of the adidas Originals x Childish Gambino product was revealed. Integrated into the flooring, each shoe was housed in a scene tying back to a upcoming narrative and placing the product directly into nature.



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