• Aleksandra Wnuk
  • John Cross


2016 Cannes Lions Bronze Winner for Digital Craft
We wanted to totally revolutionize the way the game could be taught. We created the world's most advanced basketball coaching tool. A training ecosystem, capable of helping players of any level improve their game. The coaching app is the heart of the system. A simple, intuitive, incredibly powerful tool that changes the way coaches coach. Connected to and controlling the LED court and Blacktrax tracking system. The app houses a library of hundreds of drills, which can be edited, adapted and instantly placed on court. Coaches can also create entirely new drills, adding to a constantly evolving resource. It allows coaches to rate and monitor individual players, seeing their progress and improvement from drill to drill, session to session. It recognizes stronger and weaker players, highlighting the areas they need to improve.
Unparalleled accuracy is delivered via left and right foot tracking for each of the 30 players, simultaneously. This creates a feed of data — everything from foot placement, maximum speed, hang time, to shooting accuracy and success rate.
The app uses this to deliver players stats and profiles both to the iPad and on court, allowing players to understand where they need to improve.

Role: Concpetual Creative for the training tool and app

Art Director and Creative Partner: Viv Greywoode

Creative Directors: John Cross and Xavier Jacob

Agency: AKQA

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