John Cross

John Cross

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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John Cross

John Cross

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
    INTER MIAMIAs a city, Miami is open to everyone, regardless of creed or culture; a beacon of inclusivity in an often divided political and media narrative. The city of Miami merits a team that champions and reflects its values – a club that transcends the game; a club that belongs to everyone. We helped launch the new Miami MLS franchise with David Beckham, telling the story of the club, celebrating the city and culture of Miami and driving excitement, anticipation and a huge increase in registered fans
    HP OMEN CHALLENGEAn esports tournament that blurred the lines between reality and gameplay. Using a bespoke map, unique reactive arena, AR and Mixed Reality, we were able to live track players directly in to the game to give unparalleled insight in to the way they played the game and won their matches. The whole tournament was live streamed on TWITCH and was the single most successful event HP OMEN had ever held. The stream attracted over 107,000 viewers at its peak, 3.1million in total, was no.1 on TWITCH for
    NIKE RISE CHINAChina is a nation of passionate young ballers. However, no one encourages these amateur players and they have very little access to quality training and facilities. Consequently, these kids lack the self-belief and confidence to progress in the sport they love. We set out to change this by taking 30 regular players from diverse backgrounds on an incredible journey to show the whole nation that the ability to RISE is in all of us. We trained them intensely for 6 weeks, using elite coaches from
  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
    Ben & Jerry's Ice CreamBen & Jerry didn't really want to do ads, they just wanted to give away as much free ice cream as possible to people. We managed to convince them that, although free ice cream was nice, it wasn't much of a marketing or brand building strategy. We also managed to get a poster campaign out in to the world that read like Ben wrote it and looked like Jerry art directed it. It even won a few awards, which was almost as nice as free ice cream. Almost.
  • Rookie of the Year - Luka Doncic
    Rookie of the Year - Luka DoncicLuka Doncic was a dead cert for ROTY. A then 20 year old phenomenon who played like a 20 year vet, we created a set of 'vintage Luka' trading cards to celebrate his timeless playing style and released them across Nike's instagram channels the moment his win was confirmed. And the bouncing Pomeranian..? That's Hugo, Luka's most beloved pet, of course.
  • Apple
    AppleI was lucky enough to work at the fledgling London office of Media Arts Lab (employee number... 5?) and consequently got to launch the iPhone in the UK and then throughout Europe. Weirdly, I also had a brush with a very Z-list form of celebrity, getting to be the voice of the iPhone ads in England for a couple of years (that's my voice on the spots below), beating the great Stephen Fry to the gig. I did hundreds of them, I figure 3 should give you the idea. While at MAL, I also worked across
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  • Nike Rise 2.0
    Nike Rise 2.0The Idea Celebrate the incredible journey of China’s most devoted youth as the greatest athletes in the world push 30 individuals to the limit. Whilst sharing their stories through exhilarating weekly shows proves to the next generation of players that the ability to Rise is in all of us. Building on the accomplishments of House of Mamba, develop an unparalleled, fully connected training ecosystem comprising a simple and intuitive coaching app, an exemplary tracking system, and a fully reactive
  • NIKE FOOTBALL / Made in SE11 ft Jadon SANCHO
    NIKE FOOTBALL / Made in SE11 ft Jadon SANCHOThe film is to showcase the launch of a new football pitch in south east London, which Jadon Sancho and his sponsors at Nike helped provide to give rising footballers better facilities and improve the community. The film takes Sancho back to the borough that helped make him and gives an insight into what south east London means to him, from playing on small pitches at brutal speed, to an area rife with distractions and dangers that demand creativity and personality, on and off the pitch. The pi
  • Made in South East London
    Made in South East LondonNike Rejuvenated pitch inspires the next generation to follow in Sancho’s footsteps.
  • Nike Rise 2.0
    Nike Rise 2.0As part of Nike’s 2015 Rise campaign of Greater China, we designed and developed the Interactive Court, that would feature in the later stages of the competition. This Court was the first fully interactive LED court in the world, able to track up to 30 players on the court simultaneously.
    NIKE BASKETBALL - RISE CHINA 2.0LED COURT WITH TRAINING APP 2016 Cannes Lions Bronze Winner for Digital Craft We wanted to totally revolutionize the way the game could be taught. We created the world's most advanced basketball coaching tool. A training ecosystem, capable of helping players of any level improve their game. The coaching app is the heart of the system. A simple, intuitive, incredibly powerful tool that changes the way coaches coach. Connected to and controlling the LED court and Blacktrax tracking system. The app
    NIKE BASKETBALL - RISE PHILIPPINESHOUSE OF MANILA Nike Rise saw lots of success in China the previous year so we were tasked with bringing it to the Philippines for the first time.  The needs and degrees of talent around the game are different here so the campaign lived on its own.  We were briefed with creating a House of Rise in Manilla that offered an experience, made a memorable impact and worked within strict perimeters. Materials, sturdy structures and power plugs and being on the other side of the world to name a few. The