• John Cross
  • Adam Sharp
  • Lionel Agbadou

An esports tournament that blurred the lines between reality and gameplay. Using a bespoke map, unique reactive arena, AR and Mixed Reality, we were able to live track players directly in to the game to give unparalleled insight in to the way they played the game and won their matches. The whole tournament was live streamed on TWITCH and was the single most successful event HP OMEN had ever held. The stream attracted over 107,000 viewers at its peak, 3.1million in total, was no.1 on TWITCH for the entire 5.5hr duration of the live stream and garnered zero negative sentiment. Which, on TWITCH and particularly in the context of CS:GO is virtually unheard of. The map, when released, shot straight to no.3 most downloaded map of 2019 and within the first week and a half, had well over 90k downloads