Nike - Come Thru (FILM)

  • Holly-Marie Cato
  • Mahaneela Choudhury-Reid

“Come Thru” is a Nike original YouTube series created by women, celebrating Black Women in the world of sports, social activism, business and music. I directed three episodes and closed out season 1 of this never been filmed before show in the middle of the global pandemic. Three guests and our host Nia Simone were filmed in different locations across America and despite that distance, we did the impossible and captured real connection, vulnerability and authentic conversation. Unearthing nuanced and layered relationships to race and shining a light on all the spaces Black Women show up and continue to change the world. Come Thru’s audience is 98% female, with 95% identifying as Gen Z women between the ages of 18-24 — making this series truly for her, by her. Directed by Holly-Marie Cato Cinematography by Sade Ndya Executive Produce by Mahaneela Photos by Ryder, Myai Anthony, Ally Green Show Created by Conscious Minds