Nike Jordan Atelier Paris

  • Jo Hawkes
  • Johnny Ace

Brief: Create an elevated consumer experience for a permanent customisation atelier within the Jordan store in Paris. We began this challenge by putting ourselves in the shoes (pun intended!) of the consumers who are dedicated to the Jordan brand and their own sense of belonging within it. How could we create a journey that informs and inspires them from the moment they enter the store? The outcome was a candy store for true fans to have their new shoes engraved or personalised in their chosen way. Role: Concept, Consumer journey, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Print Production. Photography by Jeremy Fenske

We also designed and produced a library of premium assets that lived and breathed the Jordan brand. From a technical guide book for staff education, to a brand handbook for consumers to delve deeper into the brand that they love; every last detail was thought of, even a gold stamped Jumpman to mark their chosen designs.