Nike SB - European Branding

  • Shaun Ponton
  • Francesca Sharpes
Each year as part of seasonal directives Nike runs local, European and global events which tie in with retail product drives, global initiatives and specific local campaigns. These events have been under different Nike brands which include: Nike Action Sports, Nike 6.0, Nike SB, Nike Snowboarding, Nike Football and Nike Sportswear.

Since 2010 it has been my role to lead graphics for the majority of these events for Nike. Projects have included: The Chomp Ollie Tour, which was based around a pizza themed skateboard tour through-out Europe, with its own customised pizza truck. The Koston 2 QS launch, I worked on designing a mini-golf course at Nike’s retail space 1948, along with custom clubs, balls and equipment. I have designed posters and retail POP for multiple events and in-store branding, along with specific features for retail expos and logos of for pop-up stores. Along side this, I have been in charge of creating branding for events, where I have created assets from 48 sheet displays, USB sticks, employee clothing and one-off trophies.