NIKE- United Against Racism

Main insight: A breach of kit regulations is punished harsher than racism. Football player Nicholas Bendtner was fined £80,000 for wearing sponsored boxer shorts in a game. The Bulgarian FA were fined £65,000 for a whole stadium of fans being racist towards England players.​​​​​​​ This campaign launches at next years' biggest footballing stage... Euro 2021. England's kit will bear the "United Against Racism" logo.

Nike will release print ads of each England player who plays the first game of the tournament, comparing the fine they'll receive for the shirt sponsors with those of racial abuse (the fine the Bulgarian FA recieved for a stadium of fans chanting racist abuse towards England players in October).
The players will post their personal billboards onto social media with a link to Nike's petition for UEFA and FIFA to punish racism fot the crime that it is. Fans will be able to tick "I will walk off with my team" when buying tickets for games too to show that they will support the teams decision to walk off in the face of racism.
A TV advert will be released at half time of the second England game urging fans to sign a petition for change.
The tally number of petitions signed will be displayed at the remaining England games, empowering the players to walk off for racism if needed.
Campaign goals:

-To raise funds for the Kick It Out charity to help educate young people against racism and help tackle the problem for the future.
-To put pressure on FIFA and UEFA to change how they punish racism.
-Empower the England team to walk off for racism.
-To empower other countries and clubs to follow in England's footsteps in the fight against racism.
Check out my dissertaion abstract about how advertising can help give racism the red card in english football on BBH Labs here