Nike’s ‘Unlimited’ advertising campaign led to the introduction of the ‘Unlimited Colorway’ collection, which was inspired by the ideas of bodies in motion during Summer 2016’s competitions, along with the vibrant flora and fauna of tropical Brazilian rainforests.
The brief to Seen Displays for this progressive powerhouse was to bring their limitless campaign messaging ‘Unlimited You’ to life across 12 stores nationwide. Through dynamic connectivity and decorative celebration, Seen Display’s concepts demanded major scale and impact.
Irrespective of the diverse portfolio of stores, with each store environment being very different in scale and scope, it was essential for Seen Displays to express the emotional values and physical strength depicted in the campaign assets. The visual solution was to be an embodiment of the global spirit of Summer by curating a vibrantly strong visual celebration of elite physicality and athleticism.
Due to the nature of this extremely high-spirited campaign, Seen Displays implemented their distinctive neuroscientific and sensory response design principles to collaborate with Nike on the creative process of this design development.
Continuity and seamless creative consistency from the digital campaign assets to the physical store environment were crucial. Nike athletes were captured in dramatic black and white stills and video, while high-gloss black podiums elevated product to gold-medal level. Competing chrome mannequins caught mid-motion brought movement and theatre to the store.
As a response to Nike’s need for emphasis on their ‘Flyknit’ technology, Seen Displays considered the benefits of strength, lightness, precision and movement with the installation of bespoke coloured power chords which ran across the windows, ground floor and climbed up the atrium in Nike Town London – encouraging the audience to explore the environment fully, and discover each and every department, taking their own unique, curious journey through the space.
Carefully curated and neuroscientifically effective schemas were used to frame the product and create an accessible visual narrative of each product. This responded empathically to the hyper-energetic, competition-anticipating audience with a vivid memory of London Summer 2012, bringing together an invigorating campaign through astonishing ways that were easily accessible, tactile, and digital.
Brought to life through Seen Displays’ Human by Design lens - human connectivity, sharability and community were at the heart of this campaign. This was tracked and proven through the use of measurement technology and human observation to understand unique journeys taken, and the frequency of products and departments discovered.
This quantifiably effective scheme enabled futureproofed recommendations and strategies for upcoming campaigns, whilst rewriting Nike’s global benchmark for store success.

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