Nottingham Trent University, BA (Hons) Graphic Design

  • Em Green
  • Kai Wong
  • Lillie Prior
  • Hannah Leabon
  • Rosie Haughey
  • Eve Wallis
  • Vicki Sismore
  • Lewis Webster
  • Charlotte Key
  • Will Rayner
  • Holly cullip
  • Emily Knowles
The Graphic Design course at NTU promotes multidisciplinary, variety, diversity and experimentation. The course benefits from a broad-based curriculum that allows students to explore and experience the full range of disciplines within the subject of graphic design with a focus on ideas, individuality and professionalism. We are committed to supporting a lively studio environment with a collaborative approach to learning, and a valuable sense of community.

The course has strong links with industry and an excellent reputation for employment, with many students securing jobs at well-known national and regional design consultancies, setting up their own businesses or working freelance.
Hollie Sanderson Dots + Dashes
As a society, sexual paraphernalia is considered a taboo despite enhancing our sexual experience. A sexual wellness brand both subtle and minimalistic. Product name disguised with morse code and defined by a sense. The dots represent female, dashes, male. Identify as neither? Merge the dot and the dash to create a gender fluid symbol.
Tamesha Blackwood ChalkitUp
CHALKitUP aims to appreciate the natural aspects involved in growing grapes in Rioja by using chalk to connect people together through exchange and collaboration of memos and doodles.
Eve Wallis The Endo Tales
The Endo Tales is a campaign that aims to generate awareness of the menstrual condition, Endometriosis. It aims to build a community of people, driven by sufferers, who can use their personal experience to teach the public.
Will Rayner Art Skool Rules
This poster is one of many I devised for my Art Skool Rules brief response, creating a bold and vibrant graphic language from experimental typography, mark-making and texture, it proposes how student-generated materials like these could form the basis of posters reinforcing key lessons and ideas about design practice across all levels.
Evelyn Wandernoth Reimagining Stranger Things
This reimagined title sequence embodies the darker and mysterious side of Netflix' 'Stranger Things'. Using disease such as ‘Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis’ as inspiration for a true thriller-horror like atmosphere and elements of VHS effects allow to seamlessly integrate the credits as well as emphasise the time period.
Steve Garnett Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving is a campaign which highlights the dangers of distracted driving by using metaphor design to visually show the potential outcome of becoming distracted while driving.
Piers Thorley Natural History Museum
A series of large-scale illustrations for The Natural History, highlighting it’s rich history, exhibitions and extensive range of artefacts.
Catherine West Great Explorers
A Japanese bound book that communicates the conspiracy theories around Amelia Earhart's disappearance alongside the story of her life. Using image distortion and paper folds to intertwine the conspiracy theories into the narrative, disrupting the story.
Saskia Wright Homeless But Still Human
A poster from the ‘Just Say Hello’ campaign, designed to encourage people to simply say hello to homeless people rather than just ignore them as they walk past. Located in places deemed typically ‘homeless’.
Em Green This Fabric World
A response to the 2019/20 RSA Student Design Award's Moving Pictures brief, and with visual influences like Media Molecule's Little Big Planet, This Fabric World aims to demonstrate the effects of the 'take, make, waste' cycle through accessible, story focussed visuals.
Kai Wong Love Poems
Love Poems, selected and edited by Imtiaz Dharker, is a brand new anthology of love poetry ranging through time and across cultures. With love being so strong yet so fragile, paper-craft is used as a technique to construct these illustrations.
Lewis Webster ITV Creates
A visual animation response to ITV's 'ITV Creates' initiative. Using the motif of a puzzle and linking to those particular aspects of ITV, an animation has been created to reference creativity in building the puzzle to form the ITV logo followed by the quick explosion of segments to link to the twist and turns it can take, with a playful element to the animation.
Connie Bullock Sister Sister
SISTER SISTER has been developed from the concept of bringing two individual personalities
together. In the form of concertina booklets; comparing the visual similarities and differences of two siblings Judging to what extent they differ despite only have a matter of years between them.
Will Marshall Vans Pro Classics
Sharemyspot encourages experienced skaters to go on a scavenger hunt for skate spots in their local cities. After finding and customizing the QR codes, skaters can post their location and clips online with the #sharemyspot. The skater’s clips will compete, the best ones earning a pair of the Vans Pro Classics collection, as well as a feature on the Vans website.
Rosie Haughey Awks
Awks is a ‘totes not awks’ session run by teen vogue that encourages young adults to be more confident about their understanding of their own bodies. The brand creates conversation around the topic of female pleasure and wellness, breaking down the stigma around the taboo subjects for young girls.