Observations in a Hotel Room

  • Jayne Lloyd

A couple of weeks ago I was working on a shoot across a few days, so I stayed on site in the hotel. It was an incredibly busy few days but while I was waiting for files to copy I took some shots in my room. For those days it was where I lived and worked.

I love hotel rooms, they're such a treat for me. I love that you find common things in most of them - a phone with pen and paper in case you take an important call, a tray with tea and coffee making facilities, tiny shower gels. I love imagining all the other people that have been there and what they might have been doing - a business trip, a romantic night away, somewhere to stay on the way to somewhere else. My particular favourite in this room is the desk chair with a battered arm, caused by years of bashing into the desk. In fact it's pretty much what I did my final project on at Uni, though in Bed & Breakfasts - looking for signs of people who had temporarily made them their home.