• Lisa Henwood
  • Joanna Risley
Orajel is one of the most powerful and instant toothache pain relief products around. The gel formula contains a powerful numbing ingredient, benzocaine, and is applied directly to the pain using your finger.

The brand needed a campaign to cut through its category where painkilling pills are the go-to and other toothache related brands are well known and trusted.

So, we created a fun and engaging campaign completely different to anything else in the category.

The action quite literally heroes the finger showing how a pea sized amount of Orajel applied to the end of the finger turns it into a powerful fighter that takes down toothache in an instant.

We created three fighting characters, kitted them out in made to measure outfits and shot them in action with their key fighting ingredient, Orajel, always at the forefront.

The campaign was launched April 2016 across press and digital.