Outthink Melanoma

IBM had a problem. They had a cutting-edge cognitive computing system called Watson, but no one understood what it was or how cognitive computing works. So what does it do? IBM Watson is actively learning to help solve some of Australia's greatest issues, like melanoma. It's working to improve melanoma detection accuracy rates from 60% to 91%, just by analysing data and research. An increase of 31% would mean thousands of lives saved every year. But no one knew about this. So we invented the Watson Smart Mirror and created a campaign that asked Australians to not only understand Watson's work, but to also contribute to it. We wanted to a) create awareness for the work IBM was doing with MoleMap and the Melanoma Institute Australia, and b) allow ordinary Australians to experience how smart Watson really was and understand the power it has to help save lives.


Clio Awards 2017 Bronze - Innovation | Product Innovation Shortlist - Clio Health
APAC Effies Bronze - 2018
Webby Awards Winner - 2018 | Best Use of Machine Learning
AC&E Awards Shortlist 2017 | Integrated Campaign Shortlist 2017 | PR Campaign Shortlist 2017 | Digital & Social Advertising Shortlist 2017 | Data Visualisation
Cannes Lions Shortlist 2017 - Health And Wellness | Health & Wellness Tech Shortlist 2017 - Creative Data | Creative Data Collection & Research Shortlist 2017 - Design | Digital Installations & Events Shortlist 2017 - Digital Craft | Curation of Data Shortlist 2017 - Digital Craft | Augmented Reality Shortlist 2017 - Media | Use of Technology
Spikes Asia Shortlist 2017 | Media | Use of Technology Shortlist - Spikes Asia 2017 | Design | Digital & Interactive Design