P&O Cruises

Helping the brand story emerge through their digital experience The Challenge Whilst P&O Cruises has been operating cruise ships for several decades, their visual identity and information system focused predominantly on traditional printed publications. In order to protect its future, their website had to be comprehensive and easy to use to enable its visitors to explore with curiosity and book their holidays with confidence. The Process Information redesign had been at the heart of the process of adapting their brochure content into digital pages. By maximising innate advantages of digital space such as animation and gesture controls, huge volumes of complex data had been displayed in a compellingly simple and elegant manner. Innovations One of the most significant innovations in this website is the crafted use of interaction design to convey complex information. Through touch gestures and the use of interactive animations, a ship’s itinerary is conveyed elegantly and succinctly in a digital language that remains respectful of the brand’s visual style. Results Since re-launch, the number of unique visitors to the website has increased 35% year-on-year with online revenue up an impressive 46%. The website has been voted by consumers to be the best cruise website for several years running and it has also won other industry accolades. A branded in-cabin portal for P&O Cruises new ship, Iona This screen-based service is a portal where guests can explore and find out information from the comfort of their own room. Designed to work within the constraints of the Exterity ArtioGuest set-top box software, the interface allows guests not only to access TV channels and VoD, but also to delve into the wide range of information screens introducing facilities on board, entertainment and events planned, the cruise itinerary and personal on-board account expenditure.