Pacifico - brand relaunch advertising campaign

  • Charlie Clift
  • Joe Favre
  • Morgan Evans
  • Federico Garcia Guschmer
  • Elle Bishop-Saunders

A national campaign for Pacifico beer shot on location in Mexico. Head to my website for the full experience: I created the out of home campaign, an image library, and video content to feature on the brand's digital channels. "A moment of calm", that was the best way to summarise my brief. To capture those moments we all wish we had more of. I spent my time with oyster divers as they emerged from the sea, haggling in fish markets with busy fishermen, wading through waves, diving into tortillerias, and climbing the many winding streets of the city to see what was round the next corner. Huge thanks to Federico García Arias, Pato and everyone at New London for collaborating with me. It was a joy working with you guys. Big thanks also to the team at Germaine Walker (inc. Elle Bishop-Saunders & Morgan Evans) for all their support through this project. And of course massive thanks to Pacifico for putting their trust in me.