Paul Smith

  • Alice Harrison
  • Rosie Spence
  • Jay Harris

Unmistakably British, Conventionally Unconventional.

Individually we were required to research into the Paul Smith brand and propose a solution based on key insights that could potentially increase the success of the brand in the contemporary fashion landscape. Later we were required to form teams of three and choose one team member’s proposed solution to creatively execute and deliver.
Chip Butty
Iced Bun
After learning of the downfalls in the brand’s recent performance, I proposed the following potential solution;
To create a program that recruits young creatives who are exploring an unconventional and contemporary approach to Britishness within their work, in turn training them to a level where they contribute to the creative direction of Paul Smith.
Fish Finger
Victoria Sponge Cake
To evolve the Paul Smith brand regarding its approach to Britishness, to thus cement its place in the contemporary landscape while maintaining its defining focus.
To communicate more effectively to the Gen Z consumer, acquiring them as a loyal consumer base due to the influential power they hold over brand perception.
Pig in Blanket
To introduce creatives to the brand who will infuse fresh ideas with a youthful take on the contemporary landscape regarding both fashion and the bigger picture, freeing Paul Smith himself from being involved significantly in every aspect of the brand, so to lead the brand in a new direction.
Creative Concept:
To create conceptual still life imagery that represents an unconventional and quirky approach to contemporary Britishness, focusing on the everyday British traditions we overlook, thus communicating to those of Gen Zthrough the relatability and nostalgic elements evoked.
Using humour to communicate the renowned kitsch aesthetic of Paul Smith to in turn keep the identity integrated regarding previous campaigns.
Each image has been stylised through a literal fashion to create dual impact and prompt the audience’s creative flair to ignite, foreshadowing the opportunity at hand.
​In February 2017 I decided to enter two of the team’s final executions into a competition to represent the NTU Art & Design Degree Show for 2017, specifically ‘Iced Bun’ and ‘Chip Butty’. ‘Iced Bun’ was chosen as one of the ten winners of the competition. As such, ‘Iced Bun’ has been used as promotional material around Nottingham, on flyers, bus stop advertisements, on the reverse of LeftLion Magazine and on an outdoor advertisement on the Art & Design Building of Nottingham Trent University, as pictured above and below.
Mock Ups:
When devising my route to consumer I use original photography for mock ups to envision the finalised executions and campaign imagery in authentic environments.
Role /
Idea Generation
Concept Development
Art/Creative Direction
Writer of Report
Editor of Photography
Programs used /
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Credits /
Alice Harrison
Jay Harris
Rosie Spence
Year / 2016/17